Everybody Romaine Calm - We have the Answers!


Can I personalize my meal due to allergies or preferences?

We offer personalization to a certain extent. Our meals use as few ingredients as possible to focus on the quality and freshness of our ingredients thus there aren't a lot of possible substitutions. If you are allergic to certain ingredients or have dietary constraints, please contact us BEFORE you order and we can accommodate as best as possible. PLEASE NOTE: the majority of our meals are gluten and dairy free. This is specified on our menu page. We also offer a variety of vegan meals.

How do I re-heat my meals?

Your meals arrive fully cooked and cooled to your curb side. The best way to heat your meals to enjoy the quality, freshness and texture, is in their original packaging, lid on, in the oven. The majority of our meals are re-heated at 32 degree fahrenheit for 20 minutes. The best setting is convection roast. 

Can I Freeze the Meals?

Absolutely! Our meals freeze wonderfully. For optimal freshness and quality, we suggest to freeze meals for up to a month. To consume, defrost frozen meals in the fridge overnight and then follow corresponding heating guidelines.

What if I have a nut or peanut allergy?

Unfortunately our meals are NOT made in a peanut or nut-free facility. Our meals do not contain peanuts or the use of peanuts but we do use seeds and nuts in some on our food options. If you have a peanut or  nut allergy please take caution and let us know!

How long do meals keep for?

Fresh meals last up to 4 days in your refrigerator. These meals also freeze wonderfully. If you choose to freeze our meals we suggest to eat them within the month to ensure their quality.

Do you offer vegetarian or vegan meals?

We absolutely do, in fact we love our veggies and plant-based meals! The From the Ground Section on our menu highlights all our vegan meals options.  Enjoy!

Do I have to be home for the delivery of my meals?

During this time of social distancing and non-contact delivery. It is essential that you are home when we deliver to accept the delivery from a safe distance. i.e. curbside!

How do I store my meals?

Upon delivery your meals go directly into your fridge to be enjoyed during that week. If you are unsure if you will be able to consume your meals within 4 days we would recommend freezing them as soon as you can.

Do you offer Gluten and Dairy free meals?

The majority of our meals are gluten and dairy free, however there are some dishes that do contain gluten or dairy. Please read the meals description on the menu page where it will be clearly marked.

Is there a minimum amount of orders that I must purchase?

We require a minimum order of 5 meals for delivery. If you order10 meals, your delivery fee is waived! Luckily our meals freeze wonderfully, so don't worry about stocking up ;) 

When do you deliver?

Currently we deliver once a week, on Mondays. As we grow we hope to deliver twice a week to provide you with fresh meals more frequently.

Do you offer Paleo meals?

The majority of your meals our gluten-free however we do not have a specific Paleo menu. If you are PALEO, we can substitute the starch/grain for extra vegetables. Please contact us and let us know this preference.

Can I double my protein on meals?

YES you absolutely can for an added cost. When you order your meal, scroll down and add the option for double protein. Gains!

What if I do not have an oven to re-heat my meals?

If the oven is not an option, you can place full meals, lid on, in a steamer for 15 minutes. You can also empty the contents into a pan with some oil and re-heat them on the stove top for 7-10 minutes on medium heat. Although not our favourite option, you can also heat them in the microwave. Our containers are NOT microwaveable safe, please empty onto a microwave safe dish.