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First Class Meals to your Curb side

This is your ticket to worry free, nutrient dense and delicious meals!

Ignite your Inner Foodie!


Balanced meals focused on whole foods and designed by a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Completely dairy-free.

First Class

Enjoy flavour packed meals using top quality, fresh ingredients like you would flying first class!

Efficiency with Ease

Forget the grocery shopping, the meal prep and the clean up - the work is done for you. Just enjoy!


Satisfy your inner foodie with a variety of top quality meals you can afford in the comforts of your home! FREE delivery with 10 meals.

Give Back

We love our community! We aim to continuously support it and give back! Every 10 meals you purchase, we make a days worth of food & deliver to a community member in need.  

Lettuce help you fuel your body with goodness!

Curbside Foodies wants to bring the vacation to you with first-class prepared meals that encompass global flavours and allow your taste buds to embark on a magical adventure!

Daily Menu Options

Each day is a new flight, with a foodie destination of your choice! Choose from the following:

From the Pasture

Nothing but the highest quality of meats, to ensure taste, texture and optimal satisfaction! From local duck to hand made pork dumplings!

Under the Sea

For the fish lovers or those wanting to branch out! Enjoy fish from around the world, cooked to perfection! From black cod to European sea bass!

From the Ground Up

We love our greens, our roots and our seeds! Enjoy nutrient packed vegan meals,  from lentil dhal to mushroom "stks"!

Daily Bowls

Wanting something fresh and light? Our daily bowl is just that with a variety of vegetables, whole grains and the option to add the protein of the day!


We're a glass half-full kind of family. When we had to close the doors to our Wellness Clinic to help slow the curve of COVID-19 and our parents catering business was also affected, we came together to support each other during these hard times. Instead of being out of work, we found an opportunity and jumped ship! With a background in food preparation, holistic healing and a love of food, we wanted to help individuals and families eat real food to fuel their bodies while reducing stress during this unknown time. We provide individual or family meal plans that can be tailored to your dietary and health goals! 


At Curbside Foodies, we truly believe you are what you eat. Let us teach you the benefits of eating whole foods and nourishing your body with wholesome, delicious meals!  


Our top priority is to support your health, reduce your stress and allow you to fall in love with the food you eat!

Through wholesome meals bursting with flavour we want to create a foodie experience in your home, every day! 

Delicious meals that allowed me to try flavours and ingredients that I'd never cook myself!

Jessie Brown

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